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Our thing is quality

JANGAR S.A. has been manufacturing power control switch products since 1961 from our Zaragoza based factory. As you can imagine during 50 years of manufacturing we have gathered a wealth of experience in this market sector.

Here at JANGAR S.A. we pride ourselves on getting our products corret "every time" and "on time", with our emphasis always on customer satisfaction.

Since 1996 we have operated with and have been regulated by our quality system which is certified by AENOR. We strive to continually improve both our manufacturing techniques and processes by applying our wealth of knowledle back into innovation and desing of our new products.

In doing so we have become the first Spanish company to achieve product certification by AENOR for "Power Control Assenblies" this offeing our customers a certified guarantee of the highest quality.

JANGAR S.A. is a company which puts people first and prides itself on its product range, and gaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our people based in JANGAR S.A. retain the skills levels necessary to ensure that you. Our customer make the right decision in bying JANGAR power switch assemblies.

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